Powder for piglets

Increasing the survival rate of young animals, preventing and treating infectious and inflammatory diseases of livestock, keeping the premises clean is an important task for all livestock keepers. At the moment, the market presents a variety of different veterinary drugs.

Powder from natural raw materials - diatomite, is designed to maintain hygiene in animal rooms, and is also used with therapeutic and preventive purposes.

Properties of diatomite powder for piglets

Packed up in the form of loose gray powder with a characteristic mild odor. Has insecticidal, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and antiparasitic properties. But why this type of powder is so popular? This is due to:

  • low cost;
  • enviromentaly friendly;
  • the ability not to engage in chemical reactions;
  • excellent hygroscopic properties;
  • a wide range of activities;
  • non-incendive.

Powder is used as a means to reduce the moisture level not only indoors, but also on the body of animals. She is powdered with newborn piglets and thereby prevents hypothermia, development of stress and thermal shock. Treatment of the umbilical cord with diatomite promotes rapid wound healing and prevents infection.

Antibacterial and wound healing properties of powder are also used for adults: during sanitation and drying of scratches, wounds after castration and dipping of tails. Powder is used in the treatment and prevention of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the external genitalia of animals. The positive effect of treatment is manifested by increased survival of guinea pigs , increased fertilization rate, cattle recovery and decreased aggression due to parasites.

How to use diatomite as a powder?

Powder is used when processing the floor in a room, while die Insect larvae, fungi, pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria and viruses). Due to hygroscopicity, the powder absorbs excess moisture and dries the flooring. Diatomite binds up to 80% of urea and other harmful substances due to which the ammonia content in the air decreases, and eliminates unpleasant odors.

The treatment of the floor covering with a powder removes slipping, which helps the pigs to move safer and faster. As a result, the first colostrum is accelerated, the survival rate and the normal development of the young are increased.

Immunomodulating (improving the immune system) the effect on the body of pigs allows reduce mortality , increase resistance to the influence of harmful factors environment and as early as possible weaning them from the sow.

Maintaining purity and dryness of the lair contributes to the prevention of various fungal and bacterial diseases, including ungulates rot.

Ecological nature of the powder (natural origin - diatomite algae) allows you to apply it, without removing animals from the premises. At the same time, special protective measures are not used. If the powder gets on the mucous membranes, rinse the eyes and nose with cold water.

Method of application of diatomite powder

  • dusting the newborn piglets with hands until the skin is completely dry;
  • the nest is treated by emptying the powder onto the floor from the moment the piglets are born and up to 14 days of age ;
  • when processing the external genital organs of the guinea pigs and wound surfaces, dusting of the affected areas is performed.

Working with a powder does not require additional equipment, instruction or training. Use diatomite as a powder for piglets can be used both in pig farms and veterinary clinics, and in households.


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