Fat Removal Filters

Diatomite powders are often used to remove fat by filters under industrial conditions. But what is diatomite (kieselguhr)? It is a material that consists of the remains of fossilized algae. It is mined in quarries and calcined with flux. After that, the process of fractionation begins on a granulometric composition.

The filtered diatomite is used as an additional element of the bulk filter. With the help of it, purification of such beverages as juice, wine, beer, kvass, as well as sugar syrup, technical and vegetable oils. The adsorption properties of powders are also used in the fat and oil industry.

Use of diatomite in the production of oils

Natural oils are a complex multicomponent system. They include glycerol, triglyceride (fatty acids) and other substances. A variety of impurities affect the appearance, shelf life, flavor, color and aroma.

The company QUANT produces diatomite powders, which contain 80% or more silicon SiO2. As is known, this material has the best adsorbent parameters. According to the technological scheme, fine-dispersed clay and sandy-silty fractions are removed. This is due to a special thermal and mechanical action. This process further improves the characteristics of diatomite. There are three brands of filtered:

  1. Medium - NDP-600
  2. Thin - NDP-400
  3. Polished - NDP-300

Depending on the brand of diatomite, the degree of filtration varies from coarse to polishing. Also, the use of these devices significantly reduces product losses. In order for vegetable oil to enter the market, it must undergo a refining process. It includes several stages.

  • Hydration;
  • Neutralization (often together with hydration);
  • Bleaching;
  • Winterization (freezing);
  • Deodorization.

It is at the stage of separation of high-quality substances or winterization of sunflower and corn oils that diatomite is applied. Freezing can be continuous or intermittent, and special apparatuses for this purpose are called crystallizers and exposers..

How does it happen? The technology is divided into several stages:

  • Adding diatomite to the oil and mixing;
  • Cooling to about 8 degrees;
  • Standing for several hours;
  • Filtration.

Use of diatomite in the dairy industry

Diatomite for milk filtration. Non-clarified milk whey consists of a dispersed phase and the most useful product. The dispersed phase is an agglomerate of denatured protein, fat particles, mineral salts and other substances..

In order for the filtration to be successful, the suspension must be passed through a special filter. It will be a septum through which only the dispersion medium can penetrate. Consider the cleaning scheme:

  1. Serum must be settled - this is a prerequisite.
  2. The serum is passed through the tissue. The material is pre-treated with a thin layer of diatomite.
  3. Thus, a clear filtrate is obtained, and the precipitate in 100 ml is less than 100 mg.

Filtration occurs using frame filter presses. They work continuously for two and a half hours. At the output, a product with a residual amount of suspended particles of 10 * 102 mg / l is obtained. From 40 to 60 percent is an indicator of the humidity of the sediment.

If the producer wants to get albumin curd, whose moisture content will be equal to 80 percent, filters are used for coarse calico in the form of bags or press trolleys.


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