Kieselguhr for filtration

Kiselgur is a sedimentary rock consisting of the remains of diatoms. This name has German roots. The word "diatomite" is synonymous with diatomaceous earth, it is used by representatives of English-speaking countries, as well as in the United States. The term kieselguhr is more typical for the post-Soviet space. Based on what vendors call material, you can understand where it was mined.
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Technology of beer filtration

In order to give beer its unsurpassed pearl color, it is necessary to clarify the fermented drink. You can do this in two ways: filtering and separating . The most popular option among manufacturers is the first one.
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Powder for piglets

Increasing the survival rate of young animals, preventing and treating infectious and inflammatory diseases of livestock, keeping the premises clean is an important task for all livestock keepers. At the moment, the market presents a variety of different veterinary drugs.

Powder from natural raw materials - diatomite, is designed to maintain hygiene in animal rooms, and is also used with therapeutic and preventive purposes.

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Fat Removal Filters

Diatomite powders are often used to remove fat by filters under industrial conditions. But what is diatomite (kieselguhr)? It is a material that consists of the remains of fossilized algae. It is mined in quarries and calcined with flux. After that, the process of fractionation begins on a granulometric composition.
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Chicken mite. How to get rid?

If you are engaged in chicken farming, you may have encountered diseases carried by your birds. But what are they caused by? With a sharp decline in the productivity of layers, slowing growth, high mortality among young animals, the problem can be covered in a chicken mite.
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