Production and sales of fine diatomite powders

Industrial Company QUANTUM Ltd is a modern company founded in 2009.
Our products are made of diatomite, ecologically safe raw material, processed in our own way followed by original technologies.


Diatomite (Kieselguhr) – sedimentary rock, formed by the remains of ancient seaweed. Diatomite arose during the deposition of siliceous flaps of diatomite algae. Diatomite consists of their amorphous silicon by more than 85%

Thanks to a unique combination of physical and chemical properties, diatomite has found wide application in various industries.

Scope of application

Building materials
Food industry
Metallurgy and refractories
Paint materials
Plastics and rubber goods
Home and garden
Beauty and health
Plant growing
Poultry breeding
Cattle breeding

Our advantages

Ultra-thin powders
Provision of samples of our products
Production following the client needs
Ecologically safe raw materials
Import substitution
Optimal prices
Internal quality control
Direct logistics in Russia and abroad

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